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We have established an effective and transparent process for interacting with clients and candidates. Throughout the candidate selection cycle, we will develop a recruitment strategy and schedule regular meetings between you and our experts.

At every stage of the decision-making process, we will provide you with comprehensive, up-to-date information regarding the status of the search, candidate expectations, and the current job market situation for guidance and consultation.


Simple steps


We discuss your hiring needs and experience, get to know your company and its stakeholders, and learn about your decision-making process. We also provide you with comprehensive information about our working approach and finalize the terms. Based on the results of this initial phase, you will receive a contract offer tailored to your needs.


We discuss your situation, provide an evaluation of the job market for the positions you are looking to fill, and get to know your company and team in detail. We use our specialized methodology to fully understand the values and benefits of working in your company for each specific position. In due course, we will convey these values to potential candidates and present your company in the best possible light to them.


We rely on actively approaching the best IT experts, recommendations from placed candidates, searches in our own and external closed databases, job postings, social media and traditional advertising, exclusive IT networks, partnerships with other recruitment agencies, career fairs, talent contests, and other resources. We won’t miss any perfect software developer or top performer.


Our recruiters conduct a thorough prequalification of all candidates through interviews and suitability tests, including assessment of hard skills, soft skills, and cultural mindset. The professional methodology we use, such as assessment interviews, allows us to precisely measure the open position against the candidate's profile and their expectations.


We submit for your consideration actual candidate profiles, in standardized format, as the results of our assessment. You can find all the detailed information about the candidate that you need to make a quick decision. Throughout the process we present you with the candidate’s feedback about the attractiveness of the company and any possible concerns.


Throughout the selection process, we maintain close contact with the decision-makers on your side and with the candidate. We coordinate appointments, ensure the candidate's availability, measure client and candidate satisfaction, proactively identify any potential issues or concerns on both sides and communicate them to the other party. If needed, we take on the role of a mediator and actively engage with both parties to ensure the contract is signed.


In the contract negotiations, we take an active role on the client's side to establish the contract terms as smoothly as possible and ensure both parties sign the agreement. We put a lot of effort, especially in this final stage, to persuade the top candidates to make decisions in favor of our clients.

And if the employee you are looking for has not been found yet?

Then we will provide you with an analysis of how your company’s search relates to the current employment market, such as the number of matching candidates, their skillsets and competency levels, salary expectations etc., and discuss this in detail with you.

Often, a slight adjustment to the terms of employment, such as a remote work option, can increase the number of interested candidates manifold and lead to a quick job placement.


Try it for yourself; our work is result-oriented and success-based.